Monday, June 23, 2008

Stormy Sunday

For the past few days, we never tuned in to television and watched local and cable channels. We are having a DVD marathon and it takes up all of our time watching Hunter X Hunter anime...hehehe. I just finished it yesterday night at exactly 12 midnight. Thank goodness!

We are not aware that there was a storm over the weekend. I woke up at 5am on Sunday because I can hear the sound of the wind and the fact that our AC is not on. Hubby is still up playing DOTA on the laptop and I asked him if he turned off the AC. He then told me that it's brownout at that time. So I asked him to unplug the AC and the ref in case that the electricity will be back, we don't have to worry the power surge and the fact that our bill will increase.

I went back to sleep and get up at 8:30am. At that time, no sun is peeking and it continues to rain throughout the whole day. We just stayed adi ko t home yesterday. The good thing about it though is that we don't have to turn on the AC since the temperature is cold already. Hah! We got to save one day without using AC. I hope that we will not use AC tonight as well. I have to budget properly since I'll be the one covering our expenses next month.

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