Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My current job is an IT Sourcing Recruiter for our clients in the US. That means, I do the resume mining and sourcing that matches the job description and requirements of US companies. Not all of the positions I handled are IT positions. Some of them are actually administrative and industrial.

Since I've done my work (and thankfully I've reached the quota...hehehe), I'm now actively seeking the job boards here in Manila and Singapore. My quest is to find Hubby a new job that is similar to his first job, which is a Mechanical Designer.

My husband has a tendency to AWOL on his current job which he actually did on the first job. This time, I have to do something about his problem. The first time I didn't intervene with his decision to leave his work without a trace (we are just new in our relationship as bf-gf back then). But this is a different story. Our future depends on it so I might as well meddle and be nosy.

Ha! I could be stubborn too and I can be a push-over as well. Let's see what happens....

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