Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Tummy Secret

I just want to clarify that I'm not pregnant YET (defensive...hehehe) .

It's hard for me to be a Lactose-Intolerant person because there are a bunch of good things to eat which I can't enjoy. I always have to worry about my tummy whenever I'm taking a dairy food.


1. I can't enjoy frappucinos in Starbucks since I had a few bad experiences drinking them and the effect is my tummy rumbling inside. A couple of days ago, we went to Starbucks since my office buddies wants to have a dose of coffee for that day. It just so happened that there's a new frap that they are marketing and it's the Dark Moccha Frap (something like that). One of the baristas have a tray of its sample, so all of us taste it and it's really good. Lots of whip cream and not too sweet. After 15 minutes and were on our way back to the office, my tummy feels different. Hurriedly I went to 7-11 store and buy myself a banana. That did the trick. Whew! Close call...hehehe.

2. The main reason why I don't like chocolates. Eating a mini bar of chocolates is okay but eating the whole standard size is a big trouble for me. My hubby loves chocolates so he gets to enjoy the chocolates that my US boss gave me last year. Lucky him!

3. I don't drink milk because I'm afraid that it will cause me a BIG trouble as well. So I stick to drinking MILO instead...hehehe (energy drinker!).

4. Too much cheese is equals to my tummy being squeashy. I have to watch the cheese that I eat especially if it's a cheese sandwich. I can eat pasta just fine but if I eat 3 or more cheese sandwiches, my tummy will do backflips and that leaves me no choice but to abide with nature calling. Sigh....

5. Ice cream and shakes intake should be low as well. Too much is a NO NO. I missed Ube Ice Cream...

See what I mean, almost all the good stuffs in this world I have to take it in low or moderate portion only. I read somewhere that most Asians are lactose-intolerant and I wonder why???

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