Monday, June 16, 2008

Lakers Avenge

I thought that Game 5 was yesterday (Sunday) but it was actually today at 9am. It's disappointing since I cannot watch it again. And for Game 6 or 7 I still cannot watch it.
The good news though is that Lakers manage to spaced itself from Celtics. On 4th quarter the scores were so close that any minutes and seconds counts especially for the Lakers since their rivalry team needs one more win to get the NBA championship.

Lakers were lead by Bryant, Gasol and Odom on this game (103) whereas Celtics were lead by Pierce, Allen and Garnett (98).

The only question now will be....

Can Lakers beat Celtics on Game 6 considering that they will be playing in Boston's home court? Will their be Game 7 or Celtics will finish it once and for all?

This will be VERY EXCITING!

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