Friday, June 27, 2008

Job Hunter

I've been busy this morning checking up my Hubby's email. I'm scanning through the job alerts from jobstreet and jobdsdb in his mailbox. There might be a job ad there that I can apply my Hubby.

His planning to resign next week from his current job (after being absent for a month and 1 week). At home, his busy making drawings for the application of a Designer Staff post in Bahrain through the help of my aunt whose already there. Every once in awhile, he will play DOTA on the laptop that he borrowed from his brother.

Me, I'm the type of an individual who make sures that there's a plan B and Plan C if Plan A failed. So that's what I've been doing every morning when I get to work. I'm insuring to have back-up plans and maximizing my spare time as well since I'm doing this stuff during work. Talk about, multi-tasking. Apart from that, I also need to write down a few opps in my blog. Whew!

A few weeks back I was actually thinking of leaving Hubby just to teach him a lesson on how to prioritize his time and money. But it made me think that if I leave him, surely nothing will happen in his life. I'm the workaholic, hard-worker, more responsible and mature between us. I'm the one who advise and give him a boost to look for other jobs and finished the drawings. In short, I'm his Guardian Angel. So I decided to stick around to support and guide him.

I'll just have to think of a different way(s) in teaching him about Priorities.

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