Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is St. John the Baptist feast day! Traditionally for us Filipinos, we always make it a point to celebrate this by hurling a bucket of water to everyone who pass by the streets or just plain making everyone wet (which is the sole purpose). After all, when we are baptized, water is present as to cleanse us and remove our original sin.

Apart from the feast, today is also Manila Day! Lucky for the students who go to school in Manila since there will be no classes for them (sigh! I miss being a student).

But most of all, today is my father's birthday! Too bad I can't see him but that's fine. I already gave him his birthday gift 2 weeks ago...hehehe. His already 58 years old and I'm joking about his age telling him that he only have to wait for 2 years and he will be a senior citizen.

My father and I are not that close but in some ways, his my ally especially when I'm having discussions with my mother. His the one who is more supportive last year when Hubby told him that we are getting married. I was actually thinking that time that he will object but to my surprise, he was cool about it.

Hopefully he can get rid of his smoking habit. His pretty stubborn in letting go of this vice...

Cheers to another year papa and more years to come!

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