Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.24

This week's coffee break made me giddy all inside. It's all about the World Wide Web or as we call the INTERNET. Let me share a few things on how this technology made a HUGE impact in my life...

How has the internet made wonders to your social life?

#1 >> I for myself don't believe in finding a partner for life through the net. For me it seems like a desperate gesture for those wanting companionship (sorry about that but that's my perception before). But lo! I came to know my hubby-to-be through it! Still kinda weird to me when I think about those days that we were chatting M-F from 11am-12nn. We bump into each other in Global Pinoy chatromm then we exchange YM IDs and the rest is history (for further detailed story, you can check it on our wedding website. If I was not surfing on the net at that time, I'll probably be single and working my butt abroad.

#2 >> I get in touch with my grade school, highschool and college classmates! Eevn though were all so busy with our own personal lives, they still remember the yester years that we shared. Some are married and some are single. Others are working abroad and keeping in touch through the net. Thanks to emails, friendster and YM

#3 >> I got to talk to my brother and sister almost everyday apart from using the mobile phone. So eventhough I don't make a frequent visit to my parent's house, I still got an update on what's going on with each one of them (it's in my system to know everything thet they do, guess that's what the eldest do...hehehe)

#4 >> I found new friends through yahoogroups, friendster, multiply and blogs. Though you don't know each other (and see each other) that much, it's good to know that some people are there to listen/read to your talks and rants.
# 5 >> Extra income money opportunities!

Though the internet has some downside (viruses, spywares, etc.) one thing is for sure, it became a part of our everyday lives that is hard to get rid off.

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