Friday, June 13, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.22

I thought that there will be no Coffee Break for this week. Good thing that Jan made it before the week ends. Thanks sis!

A month ago we celebrated Mother's day. This coming Sunday it's our Fathers turn to be acknowledge and pay tribute to.

I remember during my childhood that he never (not even once) spank on us or hurt us as a punishment. It always my mom who does the discipline thingy. He told us the reason he never laid any hand to beat us up is that the fact that we are girls and at that time his working abroad so we are not that much close to him. But regardless, my father and I have an okay relationship. Most of the time, he always takes my side if I'm having an argument with my mother (could it be because I look like him? hehehehe). His my ally aside from my grandmother...ahahahaha!

I was thinking of giving him any of these... a new shirt, a new pants or a cellphone (I can ask my sister to share the expenses with me for this..hehehe). Then a small merienda party. For others who have no ideas yet on what to give for their daddies and hubbies, I suggest....

What are your top 3 gift suggestions this Father's Day?

1. Things that they wish or wanting to have.

2. Any additional item that you can contribute for their collections (if they have any)

3. A dinner treat with the whole family is the best! After all, MEN love to eat...hehehe.


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