Thursday, June 5, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.21

As promised yesterday (before I get out of the office), I started my day today by checking out my blog and adding entries to it :)

I was actually thinking since yesterday on what to put on this week's coffee break and I'm trying to connect with my memory on my "grade school" days when I was a student then.

Now, while writing the intro for my answers (hehehehe) flood of memories start to comeback on me now. Might as well type it all about it before my brain starts to act up =P
How were you like as a grade school student?
I can say that I'm just any normal grade school student back then. I'm versatile if I may say...ahahahaha! I can be a good student and I can be naughty as well that got me punished by a teacher and some misfits like any grade schooler.

But your right Jan, there were a lot of firsts during the grade school era. Let's see, let me share some of the highlights back then when I was studying in St. Mary's Academy (Pasay):

* First Grade- normally when teachers are on a meeting they will assign some officers of the classroom to babysit the class. This is the portion that they will write in the board the names of their classmates who are seen talking, standing up or not in their proper seat. I was caught once or twice talking to my seatmate and they wrote my name in the board and never bothered to erase it after me shutting up and keeping quiet the whole time. When our teacher got back, all the names that were written on the board have to squat at the back of the room. If you asked me, it was unfair!

* Second Grade - First time to be included in the Top 10 of our classroom :)

* Third Grade - I kicked the groin area of my male classmate because he hugged me from the back. Hmp! After I kicked him and he was wincing in pain, I hurriedly left the clasroom with my bag in hand (we were cleaners at that time).
- First time to have a school service =P

* Fourth Grade - This is my first time to join a club! :) It was the Arts Club. During those times, I'm pretty good with drawings and art.
- First time to receive a chocolate from a suitor(?). Anyways, the guy who hugged me on the 3rd Grade turns out to have a crush on me and he gave me a chocolate. I gave it to my female classmate instead of eating it myself.
- First time to join a Quiz Bee and even I couldn't believe it since it was a Math Quizbee. Ahahaha! I'm not a fan of Math. I'm more into Science, English and History...hehehe.
- I was caught talking to my seatmates and our teacher asked us to stand outside the classroom after the subject is finished. This was really embarassing since there are only 3 of us and I'm the only female.

* Sixth Grade - First time to used lockers. Yipeee!
- First and last time to have chicken pox =(
- First time not to be in the Top 10 of our section (this is the stage where I become a mild slacker...hehehe. Don't get me wrong my grades are average. They're just not high enough for me to be included in the Top 10 list).

Whew! This is the time where I can depend on my memory but there are some days where I'm having a short-term memory loss...ahahaha!

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing/typing it Ü


Unknown said...

5th grade is missing so I guess there weren't any significant events? :D Anyway,It made me look back too...some of my fondest memories are those of my gradeschool years in SPCP...and what do you know, I practically spent my whole life there. :)

AskMeWhats said...

Iam a nerd in gradeschool, not literally Nerd Nerd but I'm a good kid. Never late, seldom to be absent, does the homework...etc..

But don't get me wrong, it's not a boring time of my life as I got enough friends to keep me going, I acted like a highschool student in terms of advises that I gave to my friends :) It brings back great memories and nice to have my gradeschool friends still my friends at present :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your "grade school" memories :)

It will be nice to be a kid again ;)