Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Celtics VS Lakers

I'm not an avid fan of NBA. The only time that I got interested with it was during the Michael Jordan days...hehehehe. Anyone will be really awe when watching him do his moves on the court.
Since then, I watched a few games as long as the players involved are someone famous that I knew off.

Take for example, Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers. Just recently, I was watching the cable every other day as long as it shows the Lakers game. That was the Western Conference championship. They're battling it all out with San Antonio Spurs where the player I knew was Tony Parker (Eva Longoria's better half). Lakers won on the 5th Game so they're heading their way to the NBA Finals.

Representing the Eastern Conference is none other than the Boston Celtics. They had a bout with Detroit Pistons and they were beaten on the 6th game at their very own home court. Awwww...too bad for them. Both of these teams from the East are very good with the defense (that's what Hubby told me).

So on Thursday (US Time so that will be Friday AM here in Manila), it's the start of the NBA Finals Game 1. It's offical -
Celtics versus Lakers. Of course, I'll be rooting for Lakers since Kobe is there...hahahaha! I can't watch it in the morning so I'll have to settle for the replays then.


Shimumsy said...

this is fun. i don't know what side i will be. i'm from the east coast but used to live in california.

Unknown said...

Hehehehe! That's a tough one :)