Thursday, June 19, 2008

Celtics are the 2008 NBA Champs

I was not at work yesterday so I was not able to update my blog. I had a headache from thinking a lot of things (mostly is my hubby's issue). I decided to take a rest and just stayed at home.

I got to watched the NBA Game 6 though...hehehehe. Since it's Celtics homecourt, I already had a feeling that they are going to win and get the championship title. Let's say I'm in denial during the first half of the game, trying to convince myself that Lakers can beat them =P

1st Quarter - Lakers was leading courtesy of Kobe Bryant. Kobe managed to have three 3 pointers at that period.

2nd Quarter - this is a different scenario. Celtics managed to take the lead while Lakers trying to get close with the scores.

3rd Quarter - this is the breakout point of Celtics where they maintained to be on the lead while slowly pulling aawy from Lakers. If I'm not mistaken when 3rd quarter ended, Celtics had a 23 point lead.

4th Quarter - Celtics keeps on going stronger and gained a 40 point lead with Lakers! Yikes! Talk about trouble. I guess that the Lakers decided to give up the fight at this time since most of their shots will not count in the basket. Kobe Bryant loose his magic. Celtics on the other hand are starting to celebrate during the last 2 minutes.

Celtics play the game well and they are VERY GOOD. Their defense is excellent and most of the players contribute with the shots which is lacking on the Lakers team.

Apart from that, Celtics wanted the title badly since the last time they've won a championship was in 1986. So I guess that's the main reason they are driven and motivated to win.


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