Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Appliances Haven

One of the things I love most when we are moving into our own apartment is dressing it all up and buying our very own stuff for our nook!

I always got excited and motivated to look around the appliance center and home furniture for some things to buy for our place. After all it's still shopping right?

In the future I want to have our very own house. That will really be awesome! Though I'm not really an expert in cooking I can still whip up easy meals that my Hubby loves to eat. If I could have the classy and sturdy
Kitchen Appliances at our future home, I will be inspired to cook and invent some dishes everyday

Apart from the kitchen appliances, I would also love to have a reliable
Washing Machine so I don't have to avail the laundry service and I can stop washing some clothes manually everyday. Of course, a Dryer is needed especially when the rainy season comes and we all know that it's tough to dry clothes on wet season.


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