Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 to Nothing

I was watching yesterday morning the NBA finals together with my hubby. I was hoping that this time, Lakers will take Game 2 against Celtics but nope. It didn't happen sad to say.

The Celtics are so good with the defense plus the fact that most of its players can shoot from the outside (always 3 points!). On the other hand, Lakers are having a hard time hitting some baskets during the first half. Imagine, 24-point lead by the Celtics. Ouch!

The only time that they emerged was in the 4th quarter where some of the Lakers player start shooting from the 3-point line plus having a couple of steals from the Celtics. They cut down the lead to 6-points ending the second game.

On Wednesday (Manila time), Game 3 will be held in Lakers home court which is the Staples Centre. Games 4 and 5 will still be held in the West (Games 1 and 2 are held in Banknorth Garden). This is the chance for the Lakers to tie up the championship series with Celtics or take the lead.

They better brush up their defense and shooting skills during these games...otherwise, they will never be the champions for this year's league =(

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