Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To-do List (Start the Week Right)

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Normally I don't write down my to-do-list. I always make a mental note which is not effective since I left out a few things and it will be late before I even realized it. Reagrdless, I still seldom take notes of the things I have to do...hehehe. Call me pasaway =P

For This Week:

1. Clean up the rest of the apartment and arrange some of our things

2. Ironed the clothes that we need for the coming days and next week.

3. Have to go to the laundry shop to have some of our clothes clean.

4. Surf up the Singapore Job Ads for me and Hubby...hehehe.

5. Sent cover letters with my resume for the Singapore companies that I searched last week.

6. Start making the scrapbook picture (1 photo only) from my wedding for my Lola as a Mother's Day present.

7. Go to Fitness First at The Fort on Thursday so I can have my account freeze for July and August.

8. Go to Dasma Cavite and visit my Lola on Saturday. Need to finish the picture before this day so I can have it printed as well and put it on a frame.

9. Meet with Niña in Makati for my cheesecake order.

10. Drop by my parent's house in Parañaque on Sunday.

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