Thursday, May 15, 2008

Third Attempt to Cook

The past 2 days I've been racking up my head on what to cook for dinner. So, I tried cooking last Tuesday night the Sauteed Bitter Gourd with Egg and Groundbeef and yesterday night was Sauteed Mongo Sprouts, Carrots, Chayote with Tofu.

TUESDAY : It's actually easy since all you have to do is mixed everything together then put some Aji Ginisa or Maggi Magic Sarap to taste. I was worried that it will be a disaster. I let my husband to take a spoon full of the veggies. He told me that it was good. Hmm... I know what y'all thinking, his just saying it to please me. That's exactly what I told him...hehehe. So he urged me to taste it for myself which I did. True enough, it was good. I'm all smiles after tasting it. I even joked to hubby that I'm so proud of myself...ahahaha!
Honestly, that's the first time I cooked vegetables. Before, I only used to fried eggs, hotdogs, chicken, porkchops, etc.

WEDNESDAY: I already had a plan on what to served for dinner. This time it will be Mongo Sprouts, Tofu, Carrots and Chayote as the ingredients. Basically all of them will be sauteed :) I was thinking of adding Ground Pork but I got lazy. Hehehehe. Of course, I added Magic Sarap to taste. It will look exactly like the filling for fried lumpia ;)

This time, I didn't asked for hubby's opinion about the taste (I'm giving him a cold shoulder at that time since he didn't go to work which really upsets me). I decided to judged my cooking for that night by tasting it myself. Not bad at all. The vegetables are cooked and their was a meaty flavor on them. Thanks to Magic Sarap (special plugging...wehehehe).

After making two dishes that turns out A-OK, I decided to try some Kitchenomics recipes from Del Monte. I was thinking of making a Sweet and Sour Meatballs for tonight. The problem is there are a lot of variations on how to make it. I'm thinking of using either Pineapple chunks or the Grape Jelly for the sauce. I still can't decide on what to use. Ugh!

Conclusion: Third Attempt to Cook is A-OK.

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