Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweet Sunday

Yesterday was less hectic compared to Saturday. I woke up at 9am which is unusual for me but since I have to do tons of things last Saturday I deserved a long and relaxing sleep.

I prepared our lunch for that matter since breakfast is way too late for us. I decided to make a sweet and sour meatballs as our viand Ü

I followed the recipe provided by Del Monte where I used their pineapple chunks, ketchup and red vinegar. Mixing the sauce is easy but the trouble that I had is with the meatballs. I used ground beef and I decided to cooked it a little bit through the microwave oven. When I saw that it turned light beige color I mixed it with an egg and bread crumbs. I have now a pattie mixture for the meatballs. So I fried the meatballs just like frying a sunny side-up egg.

After frying, I eagerly whipped up the sauce by mixing the pineapply syrup, sugar, vinegar, cornstarch dissolved in 1 cup of water, bell pepper, ketchup and pineapple chunks. Then I added the meatballs and stir every once in awhile then let it simmer for 5 mins. The sweet and sour meatballs are cooked! Yippee! Hubby is excited to taste it.

After gving Hubby's servings of the meatballs on his plate, I waited for his reaction when he took the first bite. He didn't say anything so I asked him outright on what's the taste of the meatballs. He told me that he couldn't taste anything. Puzzled, I took a bite from my own serving. True enough, the meatballs are tasteless while the sauce is done just right. I took another bite and there is something lacking on the meatballs. Then Hubby said that the meatballs are not well-cooked. So I looked inside the meatballs, it seems that his right about the meatballs. Oh boy! Hubby told me that I should've deep fried the meatballs instead of frying it like a fish or a hotdog.

Lesson learned, ground beef takes awhile to be cooked compared to ground pork. I told hubby that next time I will used ground pork instead of beef...ahahaha!

Thankfully, Hubby still managed to eat all of the meatballs. We have it for lunch and dinner which I only ate about 3 or 4 meatballs per meal.

Not only that, Hubby washed the dishes that I used for cooking the meatballs and the plates and cutleries that we used for lunch and dinner. And lastly, he volunteered to do the chore of ironing our clothes for the whole week! Hmmm... I wonder if his up to something fishy...hehehe.

It's about time that he have his own share of the chores since most of them were done by me ad the fact that he didn't go to work for one week. Guess his trying to make up for those absences

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