Monday, May 12, 2008

Second Attempt to Cook

I shared with y'all my first attempt to cook in our apartment which is obviously a failure. But that didn't stop us especially me to have a decent meal (I'm fed up with microwave cooked meals).

Last Saturday, Hubby bought a teflon frying pan and a variety of knives. I asked him to buy as well a can/s of corned beef, potatoes, onions and garlic. On that night, I cooked a sauteed corned beef...hehehe. It's my first time to cook one and I'm pleased with my work. The potatoes are well cooked and it smells good...hehehe.

On Sunday morning, I cooked pancakes for breakfast then on lunch time as per Hubby's request... Argentina corned beef with potatoes and cabbage this time! Hubby missed eating corned beef since when we were in his aunt's house, his not allowed to eat one due to his kidney stone problem. But now, he enjoys eating them because I've given him a herbal medicine as a maintenance for his kidney.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to cook a sweet and sour meatballs or the sauteed bitter gourd with ground beef and egg. Yummy! I have to prepare later tonight the bitter gourd and soak it in salty water to lessen the bitter taste.

Conclusion: Second Attempt to Cook is a Succes.

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