Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Goodie! I'm finally back on my blog...hehehe.

Yesterday, I called our company's helpdesk to fix my PC here in the office. Unfortunately, I got spywares and there are lots of them. It's actually my fault since I've been searching the net for Enrique Iglesia's Escape (mp3) on which I still haven't found. I only have the Spanish version as a consolation. Bummer!

So there, it started last Friday and I called the helpdesk yesterday. It got fixed early today. Thanks to
Spybot! This was the software tool that the guy from our Helpdesk used in order to remove the spywares and malwares in my PC. Good 'ole and reliable Spybot! I've used this software before when I was a TSR in Dell (that was 3 years ago) and it's good to know that it's still doing the magic...hehehe.

Lesson Learned (Geeze, I should've known better. Shame on me!): Never get caught up with mp3 searching on the net...ahahaha! Once is enough for me.

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