Monday, May 26, 2008

No Pain No Gain

It's been 3 weeks since the last time I hit the gym. I was actually thinking of freezing my account for the coming months to cut down the cost of our expenses...hehehe. This is my share of saving up some money for our future.

I was active in FF for 6 months and I developed some toned muscles which is actually good (it's not bulky at all). At least there's nothing flabby in my body. In order to maintain my current built without crashing the gym, I decided to do the workouts in Hip Hop Abs DVD by Shaun T...hehehe.

There are various routines that you can choose from depending on the part of your body that you want to work on and the ones that I picked will concentrate more on the abs, thighs, legs and buns. It normally takes me 45 minutes to complete all of it and it make me sweat more compared to my gym program!

I'm still thinking if I will do the workouts today or tomorrow. I did my Hip Hop Abs routine last Saturday and my upper back and the back of my thighs are aching up to now. Sigh! This is the price I have to endure in wanting to stay fit (not that I mind).

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