Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Need Extra Credit for Business?

Most of us have our own credit cards that we basically used for our personal needs. We can shop, dine in, travel, relax, etc. Basically its main purpose is to make the most out of life by just a swipe of the card.

But how about if you’re planning to put up a business and you can't use the credit card due to its limitations or the obvious fact that it has highest interest rates. Realities like that are such downers making it impossible to charge everything on that card while you’re on the verge of investing. That might be a problem for our future entrepreneurs or for those people who wants to take a chance in putting up a business of their own.

It would be a relief if they can find something like
small business credit cards that is actually tailored-fit for a business newbie. This means more advantages on your side as you start your goal of becoming a successful business owner!

This is actually the first time I heard about this kind of credit cards. This would be a great deal for business-minded peeps like my mom and my sister...hehehe. Hmmm... Maybe I could join their bandwagon Ü

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