Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Dilemma

I admit, I'm not good in cooking errr better term is I really haven't tried cooking. The only thing that I could cook is everything that you can fry in a pan. Eggs, bacon, ham, dried fish, pancakes, etc.

Since we move into our own apartment last week, I'm always troubled on what we are going to eat especially Hubby since I have to serve him foods that are not too salty or there's not too much soy sauce on it.

Last week, I search for some recipes that you can cook using the Microwave Oven. I stumbled on 4 recipes which is really easy and it has ingredients that are readily available (not too complicated is the best description). I haven't tried any of those recipes yet. I'm planning to give it a hands-on on Sunday...hehehe.

Yesterday, Hubby purchased a gas stove stand where we can setup our gas stove. Next thing is we need to buy a gas tank and some utensils for cooking. The problem is, after we have all the things needed for cooking, I don't know where to start.

Are there recipes of Pinoy food for newbies like me??? Not too salty and not too much of a soy sauce recipes. HELP!

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