Thursday, May 8, 2008


MyLast Song Syndrome for today is David Cook's rendition of "Always Be My Baby".

His amazing when he interpreted the song in his usual throaty rock type of voice. The good thing about him is that he take the risks of singing it the way he wanted it and it came out so beautiful that even Mariah Carey loved his version.

The three judges loved his performance...Yep! Simon Cowell adores him now...hehehe. I agree with Paula Abdul, it can be a good song for a movie. Hmmm...I wonder who's movie will it be???


all4seasons said...

uy david cook ang vote ko...i want jason out hahah, bad :)

btw, tagged u here

and also favor naman pls update my url to thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks Issa! Will do it and keep you posted :)

Gracie said...

he's definitely our bet. and don't worry, di ka nag-iisa sa LSS thing. ako rin :) sometimes i subconsciously sing the song even at work :D

Unknown said...

Hehehe! Galing nung version nya :)
He deserves to win!