Friday, May 9, 2008

First Attempt to Cook

I mentioned in my previous entry that I can cook as long as it requires frying :)

Yesterday, Hubby and I purchased a gas tank together with the hose and regulator. Inwardly I was rejoicing since we can really COOK now. No more microwave cooking techniques for the meantime.

The problem was we don't have a frying pan available. The only thing that we have our 2 pots that were given as a wedding present. Since I saw some chefs on TV do fried foods on a pot, I told hubby that it's okay if we do the same thing.

We clean up the pot then put it in the gas stove. I turned on the fire and set it to low. After heating up the pot for a few minutes, I noticed that the some portion on the bottom is turning purple and there's a foreign smell coming out of it. A few seconds, smoke is coming out from the pot. I hastily put the oil in order to heat it. Then Hubby noticed that my fire is not that low so he adjusted it. Peeking inside the pot, the oil is definitely heating up but the purple color is covering half of the bottom now! Ugh! Plus, smoke is everywhere as if someone is having a barbecue party.

I automatically, turned off the gas stove and turn the electric fan on. Geeze... smoke stings our eyes and it hurts.

I admit, my bad about the idea of cooking using the pot. The pot that we have is not designed for frying since the bottom portion is not that thick compared to a frying pan. It easily heats up.

We have no choice that night but to cook our ham using microwave oven again. Anyways, I vow to buy a frying pan today!
It's time that I learned a real cooking recipes. I told Hubby that he should learn to cook as well. It's only fair right?!

Conclusion: First Attempt to Cook is a Failure.

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Unknown said...

Hi..I'm Tia. You don't know me and I don't know you either. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a picture.
Nice experience, that with cooking. I don't like cooking, but my experience in my first cooking wasn't all so bad.
Wish you good luck with cooking next time :-)