Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally Home

Hurray! We finally moved into our apartment last Friday
Whew! We've actually made our first trip in getting our stuff right after my office hours.

We were able to get last Friday the ff:
- partial of my clothes (50%)
- hubby's clothes (95%)
- partial of my shoes
- DVDs
- My personal hygiene knick knacks and perfumes (hehehe)

Upon arriving in our apartment, all the things we've brought our cluttered on the floor. So I told hubby that I need to clean first the closet which is actually pretty tiring since I'm sleepy but I managed though.

Once the closet is clean (I've dusted it off apply a Pledge and I've put a closet mat as well just to be sure), we arrange our clothes. Then we call it a night.

On Saturday, I went to Tagaytay to attend a wedding so Randiej was left all alone in our apartment. Good thing, he took the initiative to clean the drawer under the kitchen sink and he arranged all his hardware/electrical thingies. Good job Hubby! Mwah!

The second and last trip for our stuff was yesterday (Sunday). This time we actually had a LOT of things to carry. Here are the lists:
- my clothes (50%)
- hubby's clothes (5%)
- the rest of my shoes (which is 5 pairs =P)
- our church ceremony items used on our wedding
- Hubby's Sony Component
- Hubby's Sony PS2 (yeah, he wants to bring it since we don't have PC in our apartment)
- My other knick knacks (wedding souvenirs, earphone, crosstitch kit)
- 3 pillows and a blanket
- pillowcases and bedsheets
- Hubby's CDs and PS2 games

We still need to organize some of our things and hopefully by the end of this week, every stuff will be in their rightful places

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