Friday, May 2, 2008

Falling Into Pieces

Ola everyone! The past couple of days have been hectic for Randiej and me. Good thing that his kidney stone treatment is a success! No need for a 2nd session. Thank you God :)

Were back on track in preparing our apartment since it's been long overdue. Here are the detailed lists of what we achieved the past 2 days:

- AC installed (2nd hand but in good working condition)
- Purchase of TV (2nd hand TV also in good working condition)
- Grocery items
- Cable connection for the TV c/o our land lady...hehehe...we just have to pay her 300/monthly
- Cleaning and dusting the kitchen shelves
- Done a few laundry
- Purchase of iron and ironing board

There are still some things we need to do:
- Get our remaining stuff in QC
- Clean the closet
- Place a closet mat and arrange our clothes
- Clean the cabinet below the kitchen sink
- Buy a few pieces of curtain
- Buy bean bags for our living room area (they are space efficient and comfy)
- Buy a bamboo mat for the living room (it's much easier to clean compared to carpet)

Actually, after we get all our stuff in QC it will be final...we will be really ON OUR OWN! This is it... A NEW BEGINNING =)


happy said...

wow! i wish we could also start on our own after our wedding.

Unknown said...

Hi Happy! For us, we waited for 6 months before finally moving into our own place.

Right after our wedding, we stayed in hubby's aunt since we don't have a place to stay yet.