Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cute Lilly at 2

Aside from our very own Charice who did a tremendous performance on Oprah last Monday, there was one cute little angel that was so adorable and the youngest guests of them all that has special talent to share as well.

She may looked like just any ordinary toddler who still baby talks, play and roam around the house watching cartoons or playing with their toys while drinking their milk. But if you start talking about geography, that's a different story.

Her name is
Lilly Gaskin , a 2 year old daughter of James and Nikki, could point out 80 countries in the world map in an instant! Amazing indeed! She doesn't know how to read yet but her memory is superb in locating those countries that all people who saw her were blown-away.

Can't wait to see her when she's all grown up. This time, she probably memorize the capital cities of each countries in the map. Why not? Ü

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