Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Broken Hearted

Don't be alarm, it's not me who has an ailing heart. I just want to have a little chit-chat on this topic though I know for a fact that it's not easy to talk about it. I just want to share 2 stories of getting hurt after falling in love. Sounds melodramatic but I got affected by their stories since both of them are very close to me.

Just last month, my sister (we had an age gap of 2 years. I'm the eldest) broke-up with his bf of almost 7 years. The reason for the shattered relationship, a 3rd party. The story was his EX (now) bumped into his highschool crush and they reminisced their good times together and the rest is history. I'm utterly pissed with the girl who obviously flirted her way to get my sister's ex but then again what can we do? Damage has been done and it's time to move on. I advise the guy to let my sister move on and stop bothering her with emails and text messages. Anyways, his the one who broke up with my sister since his conscience is bothering him and his confused on having 2 relationships. Yup! You heard me right, my sister's ex started a relationship with his HS gal this January 2008 while he and my sister are still together. I thank him for that courageous effort of telling my sister that there was someone new and that they should break-up. But it will be better if he just told it much sooner. Oh well, I wish him lots of luck and may they live happily ever after (sarcastic).

Next scenario...

Recenlty, a good friend of mine here in the office got his heart walked over by his X. He was lead on that somehow there's a chance for them to be together again. After all, my friend keeps receiving text messages from his X inviting him to his place, staying overnight or hanging out with him. He didn't see what's coming on the end of the road. Me and another gal buddy kept giving him advises that he shouldn't expect anything from his X since the status of their relationship is still uncertain. Or it will be better if he asked his X outright about their relationship. My gay friend is hesistant to asked. His afraid to know the answer and the real score between them. He love his X dearly and his not sure if his X feels the same way towards him. So he spend most of his time with his X the past 2 weeks until the moment of truth arrived which happened to be yesterday. My friend found out that his X will be leaving this Friday to Vietnam and there are other gay suitors roaming around him. This triggered my friend to ask the burning question that his afraid to asked before. Turns out that his X doesn't want to commit himself to him. Saying that his not the BF type material and he just wants them hanging out together. No strings attached. WTF! Just like a girl being cheated by a guy, he broke down and awfully cry alot. Sigh! I can still hear the sobs from yesterday in my mind.

I advise my sister to enjoy life and for the meantime, live the life of being single and unattached. After all she can do whatever she wants and she can travel to places she wanted to visit without asking for any men's permission (except for our father of course). I joked that she should focus on her career and the goal to be rich. Ahahaha!

To my gayest and jolly friend, I told him to rest his heart for awhile. I gave him a quote which is "Before you love others, love yourself more". I hope he will follow my advice. After all his been through a lot of relationships (some of them I know which he shared the stories with me). If your reading this, give yourself a break dear...ok? Life is too short so you have to enjoy it.

It's miserable to hear these type of stories especially if it's coming from the people who are close to you. I know I can't heal their hearts automatically but I hope and wish that somehow by saying words of encouragement, I somehow manage to soothe the pain in their hearts.

This is one of the few realities in life....LOVE HURTS...

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Unknown said...

sorry to hear what happened to your sis and friend...
...but love does hurt
...just tell them that life has it's good and bad moments. And the only reason why all this happened is because they deserve better and in time they will find what they are looking for.
Take care.