Thursday, May 22, 2008

Be Insured

Not all of us have insurance and there's a high probability that all of us are having second thoughts on getting one. Can't blame them since we will invest on these insurances only to find out that sooner or later they are out of business. That sucks big time!

I for one have an insurance. For me, it's my way of saving up some of my money from working continuously (yep, I don't have any gaps at all in my work history). Naturally once you've been a regular employee, you will get the benefits that the company promised you. Some of this includes leaves, allowances, medical insurance and life insurance. But what if, you got yourself in an
Injury at Work or worst your unemployed and you got in an accident or any injuries, how can you wiggle yourself way out of the expenses?

Crazy as it may sound but there are some companies that offers claims for personal injuries and calamities as well! Too good to be true but it's real. One company in UK offers this type of service - 100% Compensation for an individual. You can check out the link above for more details and info.

Hope we could have the same one here in Manila but then again I'm not sure if it's feasible with a government like ours...Sheesh...

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