Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Quickie

I was not able to blog last Thursday and Friday since I was absent for work. I stayed at home resting. I had a fever for 2 days and I'm not really feeling well...physically and emotionally.

Lot of things have happened last Wednesday. First, my husband is back to his lazy self where he didn't report for work and never even bothered to tell me. I called his office and that's when I found out that his not there. He won't accept my calls nor reply back to my texts. I was really pissed off when I found out that he was absent. Obviously, his playing DOTA at that time keeping himself busy.

Apart from that, I received a text that really hurt me and made me decide to keep distance with them for the time being. I told Hubby that I will never be seen nor heard from that person and whoever that is close to her. Her identity will be a secret since I don't want to hurt Hubby's feelings and of course somehow I was close to her prior to the text message she sent me.

Right now, Hubby and I are okay. Although last Wednesday night, I was really packing some of my things and I want to go to my Lola's place and stayed there until Sunday. Well, change of plans since I want to confront Hubby about his issues and I want to have a discussion. I'm almost fed-up with his ways in dealing stress and pressure. Don't want to elaborate on it but I'm sick and tired of it.

My husband is 1 week absent for work. Hopefully next week, he will have the decency to show up at his office and talk to his manager or supervisor about his issues working there. I told him that he should discuss it with them so they have an option for him. But of course, his so stubborn that I want to yell at him. I wonder now if he still have a job when he decided to show up....


Anonymous said...

Someone's back in playing DOTA. Tell him to find another job muna before resigning and let him realize that you have rents and bills to pay. It's no good to just AWOL from work and play a game.

Unknown said...

Exactly my point Larry!
Ewan ko ba sa kanya...di makaintindi...tigas ng ulo!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I wonder ... can you leave a job for a week?? Seems as more than 3 days would be unusual.

Hello from Speedcat - hope you are doing better :-)

Unknown said...

Hi there Speedcat! Thanks for the visit... it's REALLY UNUSUAL to leave for a week especially if you didn't give any notice.

I have no idea what my husband is up to. As I've said, his stubborn like a toddler...hehehe