Monday, April 14, 2008

What is Your Communication Style?

Last Saturday I attended our "Communication Assertiveness Training" provided by our company (Randiej insisted that I should attend). Our facilitator was Mona of Guthrie-Jensen (they are proudly a Filipino owned company who provides/facilitates training for all types of businesses).

What struck me on that training is the Four Communication Styles and it will depend on that style whether you are a Submissive or an Aggressive person. Interesting isn't it?!

Here are the Four (4) Communication Styles. Read each one of them and the description. Then find out where do you belong:

- displays actione-oriented behavior
- likes informality
- has natural persuasiveness
- has short attention span
- may ask off-the-wall questions and offer hints to improve your communication

- projects a serious attitude
- expresses strong opinions
- may project some indifference

- expresses opinion formally
- quiet and seems preoccupied
- prefer orderliness
- prefers to work alone

- listens attentively
- avoids the use of power
- makes decisions in a thoughtful manner
- displays warmth
- rarely asks questions or raises objections

SUBMISSIVE Persons are those under the Supportive and Reflective Styles.
AGGRESSIVE Persons are those under the Emotive and Directive Styles.

What's your style then?

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