Friday, April 4, 2008


I had it since yesterday afternoon when I learned that hubby is not yet in the Makati apartment and it's 12nn by then! I was expecting that he could be there earlier to accomplish of cleaning the floor in the living room/kitchen area before he can put the vinyl tiles.

What infuriate me more is his busy playing the ever-famous DOTA! Arrgh! I called him at around 1pm and asked what time does he plan to go to the apartment and he answered around 3pm. WHAT?! It's your rest day and your going there almost late afternoon?!

I'm so pissed off that I told him "Bahala ka na nga!" and then I hung up. After a few minutes I texted him saying "Wag ka na lang pumunta ng apartment kung pagod ka na". And he replied back after like 20 minutes "Di na lang ako pupunta ng apartment". GREAT! I'm so overjoyed with his answer (sarcastic).

After office work, I went to the gym so I could take my mind off the scenario that transpired earlier that day. I went home at around 8pm and guess what? His still there in front of the PC playing DOTA. He never saw me when I went to our room since the door of the room next to ours is closed. I went down, ate dinner, brush my teeth and went upstairs. Still, his not aware that I'm there. I turned off the lights in our room. Made our bed and decided to go to sleep w/o him. But I can't. I'm so angry with him that his oblivious to the fact that I am there. It was closing to 9pm.

What I did is, I unplug the internet cable which happens to be in our room. That did the trick. I heard that he turned off the PC. That's the time that I put the internet cable back. He came to our room and asked the most trivial question, "Kanina ka pa ba nandito?".

To sum it all up, I haven't talk to hubby in a normal manner that I used to. I'm still mad at him. And he knows about it. Good thing I will not see him this weekend. I'm so furious that I can't stand seeing him for the meantime. It will be a best time for me to cool down as well.

What a way to start the weekend....geeze...


Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Good on Ya,, sis ganyan talaga... pag busy ang mga lalaki... hay naku... di nila ma gets tayong mga babae..
ano mainit pa ba ulo mo???? Hoping ur feeling better now.... at least u did a good trick....

Have a nice day...

Unknown said...

Hi Joy! Ok na ako :)
Nakipag-truce na naman sya last saturday. At least, nakita na nya kung paano ako mainis...ahahaha!