Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Update on Randiej

Just an update, Hubby's Shockwave Treatment is scheduled on Saturday morning since there are a lot of patients who were schedule for this treatment as well before him.

He was advised to have 2 treatments of ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) . The first treatment will break down 80% of his kidney stone (it will cost us 45k). Then the 2nd treatment will be 2 weeks after from the first treatment (it will cost us 15k more or less) to break down the rest of the stone.
The Urinologist said that the medicines will not help anymore to break down his kidney stone since it's big(measures 0.8cm x 1.0cm) and they're trying as much as possible not to let the whole stone fall into the gall bladder. There's a possibility that it will trigger pain and worst another complication.

(The red mark shown at the picture above is where hubby's kidney stone is located)

Hubby's medical insurance (provided by the company) will cover the expenses as long as Hubby wll be an In-Patient of the hospital. Sad to say that they don't offer benefits for Out-Patient. With the help of Dr. Bolong (Urinologist) we planned to admit Randiej in UST hospital on Friday in order for us to used his health insurance.

I'm hoping and praying that after the treatment, everything will be okay.

Thank you to Larry and Apols for giving your prayers. I know we can make it with the help of God and all the people who cares for his health.

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