Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hello everyone! Sorry if it took me so long to blog. You see, I only had a chance to blog when I'm in the office (free usage)...hehehehe.

This blog entry is a follow-up from my previous 2 blog entries about my hubby's issue with DOTA and Time Management. I decided to forgive him last Saturday since he got my message LOUD and CLEAR. In short, he learned his lesson =P

After my engagement on a wedding earlier Saturday of last week, I went to our Makati apartment since hubby was there. He promised that he will do the remaining tasks on that day. He accomplished cleaning the living room/kitchen area and smoothen some part of the floor.

His reward is a leche flan that I ordered here in the office =D He loves sweet food and one of them is desserts.

I can be lenient and disciplinarian at the same time. That's what I do with my siblings.
Hubby had a taste of both!

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