Friday, April 4, 2008

Time Management

That's the lesson that I have to teach my hubby. Obviously his clueless.

I decided to print out 4 copies of the word "TIME MANAGEMENT" and I will post it within our room so he will know why I'm so making a big fuss on his DOTA addiction.

I know the saying PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE but I'm afraid that I'm about to lose it.

I 'm tired of giving sermons. I'm not a priest whose used to do it. I hope that he will learn!


Unknown said...

a girl can only wait for such a long time.. that's what i've been telling you gurl! well in your case, a "wife" can only wait for a long time! whahaha!

Unknown said...

Jazz: So, you're telling me that I am a SAINT???? Hehehehe

Unknown said...

in my vocabulary??? yes you are!

Unknown said...

Hehehehe... just as I thought =P

Larry said...

Oh no!?! I thought he already quit playing that game after your last encounter (three weeks ago?)

I'm afraid you need more than just 4 copies of TIME MANAGEMENT. I hope you two can resolve this what I first thought a petty thing to quarrel about as soon as possible.

Keep holding on to that last straw, don't give up.

Unknown said...

Larry : I was actually thinking ofprinting it in a continuous paper (yung pang banner) but we don't have one here in the office.

Sigh! Dapat talaga ipagpadasal ko na ito sa mga simbahan...hehehe.

Thanks for the encouragement dear friend :)

Anonymous said...

Haha.Kailangan mo na yata mag Visita Iglesia(tama ba?)

How about pag nagka-baby na kayo, baka matigil na rin yan sa wakas(just a suggestion).

Unknown said...

Larry : Honestly, di ko pa nagagawang mag-Visita Iglesia pero baka ngayon magawa ko =P

Haay, I'm not sure kung titino ngayon kung may baby na kami. Baka---

Dyes said...

hi issa, just look at this as an opportunity to show your patience, and a chance to do your own thing. find a hobby, get hooked on it. see if your hubby wouldn't miss you at all!

btw, i have tagged you at

enjoy your weekend :)

Unknown said...

dyes: thanks for encouragement. Actually I'm getting bored sa house namin ngayon (his Aunt's house)kaya most of the time ang ginagawa ko pag weekend is umaalis na lang ako ng bahay.