Monday, April 14, 2008

All Tiled Up

Supposedly, we were planning to really moved in last weekend but since unfortunate things happen when you least expect it, we were not able to do so. It's been 3 weeks (if I'm not mistaken) since Hubby started preparing the living room/kitchen area in our apartment for the vinyl tiles. But just yesterday, all the tiles were done! Yipee!

Your probably wondering how it's possible since Hubby is sick. Well, I asked my father to finish putting the tiles in Randiej's behalf. Good thing my father is willing to help and yesterday morning, I went to my parent's house and fetch my father together with my younger brother.

We went to our Makati apartment and my father started cleaning up the remaining area where tiles have to be put. My younger brother serves as an assistant to my father. Me, on the other hand was busy washing the laundry that we left last Friday.

By 5pm, all the tiles were all in placed. The living room/kitchen area is not bare anymore. Sigh!

I might drop by the apartment tomorrow or on Wednesday to clean up the tiles. There are visible glue smudges of that my father used to stick the tiles to the floor. Also, I have to pay the adjustment balance to our landlady.

Now, the only question will be... "When we can really move into our humble home"???
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