Monday, April 14, 2008


I was absent last Friday at work thus I was not able to blog a few entries on that day. I rush my husband last Thursday night in Makati Med because of an extreme pain in his left side tummy. It was 7:45pm at that time. A few days ago, hubby experienced having a different colored urine. We are thinking that he must have a UTI then.

We went directly to the ER and the nurse asked him a few questions while I was on the information counter, registering him and giving out personal information. Hubby told the incident about the color of his urine. He was brought to the Primary Care Ward under the ER Department where a doctor had him on dextrox to hydrate his body. Apart from that, he was given a pain reliever thru the tube on the dextrox.

A few minutes, the doctor asked me if they could have a urine sample from him. Hubby kept wincing in pain while his agitated in bed. He asked me to sit down but I couldn't. I asked him to take a pee so they can have his sample. After peeing, I gave the urine sample to the doctor. The result will be available after 2 hours. It was 9pm already. After 15 minutes, hubby is turning pale. His sweating and his palms are cold. Then I knew in an instant that his going to vomit. Good thing I had a plactic bag ready. I felt bad that time. All of his dinner went straight to the plastic bag. Poor hubby. His still wincing in pain. I can't stand it. I'm praying that he will eventually fall asleep. I was texting Hubby's aunt (Aunt Del) which is closed to me. I informed her about Randiej's condition.

About past 10pm, his still squirming on the bed while trying to get a sleep. His keeping his eyes shut. Oh dear, I wish he could really fall asleep so he can't feel tha pain. Luckily, I was heard. I noticed that his body relaxed on the bed on a fetal position. His finally sleeping. I could need a quick nap as well. The events of that evening is overwhelming. BIL called and asked about Hubby. I told him what happened. He was planning to see us together with Aunt Del if we will be there in the hospital the following day. I told him that I'll give them an update if Randiej will be confined.

The doctor peeked at our "made" room to checked hubby. He was asleep at that time. I told him that he finally fell asleep and he nodded when went off to the other patients. Every once in awhile, a nurse will checked his dextrox. By 11:30 pm, hubby woke up but the pain is gone. He will shut his eyes and tried to doze off again. Me on the other hand is waiting for the doctor for the result of the Urinalysis. It should be ready by then.

12 midnight, the doctor finally showed up in our room and presented us the result. Findings said that Hubby has a Kidney Stone. He prescribed a pain reliever and that's it. No other medications. He advised us to go back to a Urinologist after 3 days. The whole liquid dextrox was consumed and it was taken off from hubby. We retired to our apartment after being released.

It was past 1am when we fell asleep. The following morning, we were asked by Aunt Del to go to UST Hopsital to see a Urinologist so we can be sure about the Kidney Stone findings by Makati Med. Apart from that, his other Aunt asked us to stayed on the QC for the meantime since Hubby is sick. I asked Hubby to take a rest while I finished a few pieces of our laundry. I also made us a quck breakfast which is a hard boiled egg and a sliced bread. Past 2pm, we left the apartment and off we go to UST.

We went to Dr. Bolong's office at Room 5002. His a well-known Urinologist and boy, there were a lot of patients waiting outside. Thanks to Aunt Del who called their office and he had Randiej registered. We are # 5 on the slot and after 15 minutes of waiting, it was our turn. The doctor reviewed the findings given by Makati Med and asked hubby to lie down the bed on his office. He asked hubby the exact location where he felt the pain. Then the doctor had almost like a stethoscope instrument placed on hubby's left side (it's some sort like an ultrasound device). Then the doctor said that indeed there is a kidney stone on his left kidney. He was referred to have a CT Stonogram ((an extremely accurate diagnostic tool that can detect almost all types of ureteral stones painlessly)) and prescribed a medicine to somehow melt the kidney stone and another type of pain reliever. He explained to us that the pain reliever prescribed by Makati Med will not work for hubby.

That Friday night we went to MRI New World which is in Padre Faura St. along LRT Taft. It has the cheapest price for a CT Stonogram which is Php 4,400 whereas in UST it will cost us Php 7,390. They told us that that result will be available by Sunday morning. Hmm...that's why it's cheaper compared to UST. The delivery of the result will be 2 days compared to UST which is 2 hours. Oh well, thats okay as long as the result is accurate.

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to the laboratory clinic to get the result of Hubby's CT Stonogram. It was stated that there is about 0.2 cm of calcific density in the mid calyx of the left kidney. Geez, I can't hardle understand it except for the fatc that there is somethin on the left kidney of hubby.

Hubby stayed at home (Aunt's house in QC) to rest and was asked by the Urinologist not to report for work for the meantime. Later this afternoon, he will be going to Dr. Bolong together with the result of the CT Stonogram.

I wish that surgery is not an option to have his kidney fix. I'll keep you posted tomorrow for the interpretation of the Urinologist of Hubby's CT Stonogram.
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