Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pinoys in SG

Let me see... I've known a lot of people most of them are my ex-colleagues in Dell account in CL (now Sitel) that are working now in SG. One by one they all go and seek for a better career opportunity and of course high-paid salary.

At that time that they were all leaving for SG (others for Dubai), I was tempted to do the same. I even consider going by myself leaving hubby (his my bf at that time) here in Manila. Being the eldest in the family has his ups and downs. Just like a typical scene and setting of a Filipino family, I was pressured. But then, I weigh things over and I decided to stay and get married. After all, I reason out that I can still work abroad even if I'm a married woman.

And now, one of my friends whose also my ex-supervisor is helping me find a job in SG. Even
Apols (SIL) send me a link where I can have a lots of info concerning SG from Pinoys POV. Hopefully, I could get a good job and then hubby can follow me and get a job as well.

We made an agreement that if anyone of us will work abroad, he/she should bring the other one. In short, we are a Package Deal or Buy One, Take One =P

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