Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just last week, I became a regular employee of CAI-STA . But still I'm keeping my options open for a career growth and a stable company that values their employees.

I have no idea where I'm going to. It seems that I will be stuck to whatever position that I have now. Before, the American Recruiting Manager who's handling our team has given me a career path and he thinks I'm good to be in a lead role. Told me that other team members respond to me well baseed on his observation when he visits our Manila office. Hearing those words from him directly gives me the motivation that I need to do my best in every possible way. However, he got kicked out of our company. It's a conspiracy that up to now nobody in our team knows exactly what happen except for our PM. Since his no longer here, that aspiration of being a LEAD is becoming VAGUE now.

I'm mostly on the look-out for opportunities abroad. I think it's about time that I cast my net wide and think the FUTURE. I need to be ASSERTIVE! Hehehehe.

Hmmm...I'd better start reading the book, THE SECRET. Then I can asked Hubby to read it as well. Two is better than one as they say.

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