Friday, April 25, 2008

North and South

Since it's Friday and tomorrow will be my rest day, let me give you all a treat.

Most of you don't know me that much and I'm not sure if you were able to visit our
wedding website. So this blog entry is all about me and my husband.

Here is a summarize comparison of me and Randiej. As the title imposed, we have our fair share of differences.

I encouraged you to read on and get to know more about US.

- Born in Manila
- Raised in Quezon City (Northern part of NCR)
- Parents were born and raised in Ilocos Region (North of Luzon)
- Third Child (They are 4 in the family)
- BS Mechanical Engineer Graduate of University of Santo Tomas
- Licensed Mechanical Engineer
- Loves to play online games especially DOTA-Allstars. Favor arcade games as well (Tekken).
- Enjoys reading Manga(s).
- Homebody. As long as there is internet and PC, he doesn't mind being stucked at home.
- Laidback person.
- Simple guy. Doesn't make a fuss too much on his attire.
- A man of few words especially if his around with other people.
- Easily rattled (pessimistic)
- Loves watching Animes but selected.
- Prefers juices over sodas.
- Enjoys watching DVDs and English movies.
- Had a handful of friends....hehehe
- Tends to move in a slow mo
- He can keep up with me when I walk
- Most of the time he has a child-like ways (pasaway)
- Loves chocolates and junkies (forbidden to eat chichirya now)
- His a Pisces.

- Born in Pasay
- Raised in ParaƱaque City (Southern part of NCR)
- Parents hailed from Batangas (mother) and Bicol (father) (Provinces in South Luzon)
- Eldest in the brood of 5.
- BS Computer Science Graduate of Adamson University
- Loves to read novels, pocketbooks, magazines and general information books.
- Loves to travel and hit the malls.
- Easily get bored when stucked in a room/house.
- Likes to plan and organize.
- I'm serious when it comes to work.
- I'm a simple person as well but conscious on what I'm wearing.
- Since Randiej is so shy, I learned to become an assertive person. Otherwise, nothing will happen to us if were both timid.
- Anime fan but selected.
- Prefers juices over sodas as well.
- Enjoys watching DVDs or movies.
- Had lots of circle of friends... (Ms. Congeniality =P)
- I'm a fast-pace person
- Walks fast (the kind of walk that you normally see in NYC)
- Being the eldest, I'm like his older sister...ahahaha!
- Loves to eat bread and rice..hehehe.
- I'm a Leo.

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