Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Water Supply by 2015

I was in a Tamaraw FX on my way home from my parent's house yesterday night. The driver's radio is on and it was tuned it to Channel 7's AM radio station (forgot what it was).

At that time, 24 Oras was on aired. One of the news that perk me up to my seat was a possible no water supply by the year of 2015.

The main reasons that were mentioned are:

(1) Population Growth

(2) Lack of Natural Resources of Water due to continuous pollution

(3) Global Warming

Experts say that we cannot rely on the rainy season for the supply of water. Climate nowadays are hard to predict unliked before. It will be better for each individual to be aware and start practicing to conserve water.

Scary isn't it?

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