Thursday, April 17, 2008

Men Hunt Tag

I was hopping from one blog to another when I stopped on Thea's blog.

Her last entry is VERY interesting and I'm sure it will be fun to do it. So without any hesitations, I snagged it...hehehehe.

- also known as the Men-I-would-like-to-sleep-with-if-only-I-were-single tag.

1. Brad Pitt

My super crush ever! Even in his forties his still HOT! I will be sooo ready for an everyday one-night-stands (meron bang ganun? hehehehe). DELICIOSO! Lucky Angie to get her hands on him...ahahaha!

2. Orlando Bloom

I heart him badly when I watched LOTR. I fell in love with him right there and then (ahahaha! so drama!). How I wish that he could just be "Legolas" forever (sigh)

3. Justin Timberlake

My Sexyback! I like the way he grooves (he looks almost like Orlando Bloom). His so suave when he dances and sings. If I were Britney Spears, I wouldn't let him go. Wrong move she made...tsk!...tsk!...tsk!

I'm tagging Jan , Yvelle and Abie . ENJOY GALS!