Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's been 6 Months...

....when I started to work in CAI-STA. My job is a Sourcing Recruiter for US clients so we deal with IT professionals that are in the US with valid working visas. Most of the time the job requirements that I'm working on prefers GC holders and US Citizens. There will be times that I will phone screen them against the job specifications required by the US companies.

Now that I'm a regular employee (hurray!), I'm entitled to have a...

- 15 days VL and 15 days SL (leaves can be converted to cash but it's pro-rated or you can have the option to carry it over for the next year)
- Health/Medical Insurance
- Hopefully a salary adjustment (I'm crossing my fingers)

I just had a quick meeting with our PM and she told me that after 6 months I will have another evaluation for my metrics. This means a possible salary increase and lastly no more bond! Wooohoo! I forgot to mention that we do have a bond here for 1 year and I do understand that most companies do that to compensate from the time and money they spent in training the employees.

Lucky are those people who worked in an IT company (Consulting/BPO) that doesn't have a bond. They can freely look for other opportunities without worrying money.

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