Thursday, April 10, 2008

Invasion of Ants

That's what Randiej and I felt last night when we were about to sleep in our apartment. It was our first time to sleep there since hubby still needs to accomplish a lot of things before we can really move in.

It was hot on the 2nd floor of the apartment. Hubby told me that we should have purchased an air cooler since electric fan won't help much (earlier that day we are in Walter Mart Makati purchasing stuff for our apartment and hubby is telling me that we need to buy an Air Cooler but I dismissed that idea). How should I know that there is no difference in the temperature during the day and during at night?!

We prepare our Magical Airbed (yup, that was our bed) and turn the fan up to #3. As we lay in the bed, I felt an ant bite me. Then another one. When we looked a couple of inches from the bed, there are red ants roaming around. It would have been okay with us if it's just a black ants. My conclusion is it must have been the hot temperature that made the walked out from their homes (wherever it is) and roam around biting me and hubby.

I didn't sleep because of them. Darn! I probably had 4-5 hours of sleep which is not enough for me. I decided to get out of the bed at 5am today since I have like 7-10 ant bites and they are pretty swollen. I went down and decided to wash some of my clothes and clean the laundry area.

It was already past 6am and I need to prepare to go to work. So I fixed myself a cup of coffee and took a bath. Good thing the swollen areas are not visible.

I just hope that hubby can fix the ANTS issue because I don't want to endure another night with them!

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