Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Love Myself Syndrome

Your probably wondering about this catchy phrase. This is the term that we commonly used on the time of our outing in Caylabne.

First, let me give you the symptoms of this syndrome:

Top 1: Never fails to take a picture of himself/herself in different corners or scenic of a place there is. It doesn't matter if it's a phone camera or a digital camera as long as it can take a picture. Period.

Top 2: Never fails to have a retouch and makes it a point to do a quick checkup of one's appearance whenever going out. Regardless if it's at home or at work.

Top 3: If you have a friend named Maricon Ruiz, there's a likely possibility that you will catch the syndrome as well. This gal is positive of this type of Syndrome.

Trivia: This syndrome is also known as the MACON Syndrome. FYI!

(This blog entry is dedicated to my colleague Maricon for her
I LOVE MYSELF Campaign...hehehe)
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