Monday, April 21, 2008


Last Friday after office,I straightly went to UST Hospital. Randiej was admitted for confinement. Honestly for ESWL Treatment, a patient doesn't have to be admitted to the hospital since it's a non-surgical procedure. We only did this so that we can avail the health insurance of Hubby from his company. Sad to say, they only have benefits once the employee is confined. If your an out-patient, you won't get any coverage or reimbursed the money that you spent from the medicines and other laboratory services.

On my way to the hospital I stopped by McDonalds (which is within the UST compound) for a take-out meal since I'm starving and I need to eat dinner. I arrived at Hubby's room around 6:45 pm. He was watching cable then. He told me that the nurse took some blood from him and later on a dextrox will be put into his left arm. He already had his dinner c/o the hospital but after that dinner, his not allowed to eat or even drink anything. He has to undergo fasting for his treatment the following morning.

The room is clean and it's pretty homey compared to San Juan de Dios private rooms. The rest room is spacious.

I ate my dinner then watched TV together with hubby. The bed is single type but I was able to squeeze in...hehehehe. I told hubby that I will take a nap then if he needs something he can just wake me up. Barely 15 mins, someone knocked on our door. Reluctantly I got out of the bed and opened it. There's a lady about in her mid-forties smiling at the door. I thought she was a doctor. She told me that she was one of the chaplains in the hospital and she's just doing her rounds for that night. Well, basically they are part of the UST church who visits patients and give spiritual boost. She didn't stay for long since hubby is doing okay and his treatment is non-surgical so there's nothing to worry about. She even told hubby that he had a moral support which is ME. Hehehehe. After 30 min (errr.. or 1 hour), 3 nurses came in to put his dextrox. I'm not sure what's the purpose of the dextrox but it looks like water with a hint of yellow. They first checked his BP which is 110 over 70 (thank goodness it's normal). Afterwards, they injected an antibiotic on hubby's arm to checked if his allergic to the medicine. Then they attached the dextrox on his left hand. Poor hubby, he had lots of prick that night. Plus, they asked him to take Castro Oil. It's a must that hubby needs to have his bowel movement prior the treatment. They want his tummy cleaned by the morning.

After all the fuss by the nurses they left our room and everything is quiet again.
I went back to the bed right next to hubby and doze off. It was 2am when hubby wake me up and told me he needs to go to the rest room. Told me that his tummy aches and he can't ignore it anymore. It's the effect of the Castro Oil that was given to him by the nurses. So I assisted him going to the restroom. I went back to bed while waiting for him to finished. Unfortunately, I doze off. I jerkly woke up when hubby is already standing on the side of the bed. He told me that his waking me up by knocking on the restroom door but I didn't hear it. He accidentally hit the bed by the door of the restroom and still I didn't woke up. Sheepishly I said sorry to him then I noticed that there's blood on the tube of the dextrox. I asked him to lie down to the bed while I got off. Then I asked for a nurse thru the intercom that was in our nurse so they can checked his dextrox. After 15-30 mins, 2 nurses came and they immediately checked the dextrox. They even checked his BP just to make sure. The nurse asked if hubby went to the restroom and I said yes. She told me that it could have been that hubby raised his dextrox higher than his heart. That's what I thought as well and it's all because of me for not helping hubby out of the restroom.
The nurses went out right after they fixed the dextrox. I let hubby sleep comfortable in the bed while I sleep in a fetal position in the couch.
I woke up at around 5:30am. Hubby is still sleeping so I went to the restroom and brush my teeth. At 6am, I woke up hubby. In a few minutes, the nurse from the OR will fetch him. 6:15 am a stretcher was brought into our room. They asked hubby to put his dress robe and he has to remove his underwear as well. There are 3 people assisting him to the stretcher. 6:30 am Hubby's breakfast c/o the hospital came in. In fairness, their food is not liked the other hospital food. They always have fruits and nutritious drink included in the meal. I locked our room and accompany hubby to the OR. Good thing that our room and OR was on the same floor. I'm praying that everything will be alright during and after the treatment. It was 6:35am by then. His ESWL treatment is scheduled for 7am. The lab assistant and the nurse asked me to wait outside the OR. Since the treatment will be 2 hours, I went back to our room and watched ETC channel while I ate Hubby's breakfast. 8:30 am, Hubby's aunt together with the maid pop into our room. They brought us breakfast. Hubby could really use some edibles since he haven't eaten anything since last night.
By 9am, I went to the OR to checked if the treatment is done. Luckily, the door ot the OR is already opened and I can see hubby lying down on the bed. His hands were cold and I asked him why. He said that the room temperature inside is pretty cold. The transfer hubby back to the stretcher and off we went back to our room. His aunt and the maid were waiting in our room. From the stretcher he was transferred to his bed. I let him doze off since his not feeling hungry at that time and he narrated that the treatment hurts. It's like his left side is being hammered and all he could do is to squeeze his eyes shut and mumbled that it hurts....


Anonymous said...

So how's that kidney stone after the first ESWL treatment? Medyo ok naba si Randiej?

Unknown said...

We are still waiting for the kidney stone to come out of his body through the urinary tract...wala pang nalabas. Im not sure kung in pulverized form na ba sya or talagang small stones sya...

Joanne said...

Hi just a question if its alright, how much did you pay for the ESWL treatment in UST? Thanks, i am in need of options right now because of a dear relative whose budget is really tight. Salamat po.

Unknown said...

Hi there! At that time, we paid around 45-47k for the ESWL in UST hospital. That was 2008. I'm not sure if it price is still the same.