Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is the continuation of my previous blog entry (Hospitalized). Sorry if my story is sooo long...hehehe.

After the ESWL treatment of Hubby I let him doze off to sleep while me, his aunt and the maid are watching TV. Every once in awhile we will chat with nothing specific. Will just jump from one topic to another.

About 11am, Randiej woke up and I told him his lunch will be brought by the staff in any minute. Come to think of it, his hands were still cold and yet his not feeling cold. Im wondering if his feeling any aches in his body, but he said nothing when I asked him.

Once Hubby's lunch arrived, I ate the breakfast brought by his aunt. I forgot to mention that apart from the foods, they also brought us a some of our clothes as well. A few minutes later, 2 nurses came in to checked his BP, gave his medicines and removed his dextrox. Around 1:30 pm, his aunt left together with the maid and they brought us some can juices and Hubby's buko juice. Then they went home since they will have to do the laundry at home. It's just me and hubby again. We doze off together for an hour and I decided to take a bath. I went outside the UST compound to buy shampoo since we don't have any at hand. On my way back to our room, I came by the hospital's canteen and they selling merienda. I immediately saw some turon and I craved for that kind of snack at that time so without any second thoughts, I bought one...hehehe.

I went back to our room which is on the 4th floor. Then I went to the restroom and took a shower. It's weird that the water from the faucet is lukewarm while the water from the shower itself is cold. I opted to used the faucet water since I'm more at ease taking a bath in a lukewarm water...hehehe.

After changing into new clothes, I ate my afternoon snack together with the orange juice brought by his aunt. This time we watched anime series. Silently, I prayed that we will be released tomorrow since Hubby is doing okay and there's nothing crucial after the treatment. I wished that it will be Sunday and we could go home.

6:30 pm came and the hopsital staff brought Hubby's dinner. I ate the foods that was brought earlier by his aunt. I'm not that hungry anyway so I didn't eat too much of it. We flip through all the channels looking for something good that is worth watching on TV. About 7-7:30 pm, Dr. Bolong which is the attending physician of Hubby and a well-known Urologist came in our room. He was accompanied by 2 other doctors. Hurriedly, I gather all the forms that he needs to sign for our released tomorrow. He even made a take-home medications for Randiej and a note that he will have his follow-up checkup on April 25. Then the doctor asked me to go with him to arrange the philhealth forms. We went to the OR office and his assistant was there who filled-up the remaining entries for him. The assistant told me that I need one more signature which is Dra. Policarpio, the anaesthesiologist. Great... I have to look for that doctor tommorow but it's Sunday and I'm sure that a lot of doctors will not be around by that time. He advised me to go the nurse station and informed them about my situation. So I hurriedly went to the nurses and told them that I need Dra. Policarpio signature or if she's not around, her secretary will work. Well, they told me that the least that they could do is to text Dra. Policarpio and her secretary to informed them about "us". I guess there's nothing I could do then since it's almost 8pm.

I went back to our room and expected to see the doctors still lounging around but nope, it's just my Hubby. I explained to him that we still need another docto'r signature before we can submit the philhealth form tomorrow. Hopefully the nurse can be of any help then. Just as about we are preparing to go to sleep, another chaplain came to visit us. This time it was a male with different nationality. I was suprised to hear that he can speak Tagalog fluently. Instead of the chaplain asking my hubby, it's the other way around! Hubby is the one throwing questions at him...hehehehe. Normally, Randiej is shy around with other people. He doesn't talk much so I was astound to see him talking candidly to the chaplain. After a couple of minutes he left our room and went to visit the other rooms.

Honestly, I felt that I'm more of the patient than Randiej since I slept more than him...ahahaha! I was really tired the 1st night I stayed in the hospital room plus I was not able to sleep soundly on the couch. Hubby was always taking trips going to the restroom (it's either to pee or to do his bowel). I woke up around 5:30am. Hubby is up as well. He told me that his going to take a bath. While I wait for him to finish in the restroom, I turned the TV on and tuned it to ETC channel. I was watching then the segment "Ambush Make-Over".

Once Hubby is done with his bath, I went to the restroom to pee. Then we started to pack up our things. His breakfast arrived at 6:30am. A few minutes after that, the nurses came in to checked his BP and gave his medicines. We informed them that we will be leaving in the next few hours. Hubby ate his breakfast and drank the medicines. I decided to take a bath afterwards.

Hubby's aunt arrived with some food for me. I was not able to eat them though because someone barged in and told us if we all our papers are ready before they discharged us. I told him about Dra. Policarpio's signature and he told me that I should've asked yesterday whose signatures we need to secure. Hello?! I was making a follow-up call back then to the nurses about my Hubby's physician if he will be checking him in our room and they didn't gave us a concrete answer. Moreover, I was expecting that the Urinologist will be dropping by in our room before his clinic hours in UST Hospital but he arrived in the evening which I don't know why.

Instead of arguing with the man (whoever he was), Hubby and I hurriedly went to thre ground floor and checked the Philhealth office. We asked them if we still need that signature of the anaesthesiologist since we have the signature of the attending physician. Luckily, we don't have to do it. What a relief! I was quite nervous that we cannot avail the Philhealth coverage. Immediately, we ent to the Billing Section and waited for 15 mins for them to print our bill. After waiting, our name was called and they gave us the hard copy of the bill. Lo and behold! I was actually expecting that our bill will be around 60k, but na-uh! It's total was 72k+. I handed the bill to Randiej so he can see it for himself. The shocked in his face when he saw it. Obviously, we can't do anything about it. It's either we pay it or we will be stuck in the hospital, right? Turns out that the ESWL treatement costs us 48k+. Then there's the medicines, dextrox, antibiotics, anaesthesia used on his treatment, the private room that we availed for 2 days and lastly the professional fee of the doctors which costs 4k each.

Off we go to their Philhealth office again and present them the forms together with our bill. I was actually surprised that they didn't asked for the contribution printout of Hubby since the man that was in charge in the office was telling another patient that she must have her contributions printed out otherwise they cannot process the Philhealth.

After the man do the calculations and the amount that will be covered by Philhealth, he asked us to go back to the Billing Section. The lady started doing the computations, deducting the Philhealth's coverage which is actually, 12k+. Then we presented her the LOA from AON (health insurance provider of Hubby). He was given a 30k limit. She asked us to wait for a few minutes while she verify with AON about the amount that was printed on the letter. After 5 minutes, she called our name and was given the remaining balance for our bill which is Php 25k+.

This time, we went back to our room. Hubby's sister was there for a visit. His Aunt told us that they informed the nurses about the situation with our Philhealth and if they didn't do something about it, she will put a low score on their Feedback sheet. That's why the man didn't asked us for Hubby's printed contributions. The nurse/s already called their office and given them a heads up about us...hehehe. Lucky us then.

Hubby informed his aunt about the remaining balance. Off they go together to the cashier to pay the balance using his aunt's credit card. I decided to stay in the room and have a chat with Ate Leah. We basically talked about the health insurance coverages of the companies nowadays since I'm complaining with the coverage that was given to Hubby. Instead of the per illness coverage (amounting to 60k), he was given the confinement coverage (amounting to 30k). Hmp! Just thinking about it, makes me want to rant again and again.

Anyways, after a few more minutes they came back to the room and the bill is done. We can go home now. We gather our things and headed straight to the door. Out of the room...out of the hospital.

Ate Leah was kidding my Hubby of being loyal to UST. Hubby's an alumni of UST Engineering. We held our wedding ceremony in UST church. Her sister was joking that he could permanently live inside the UST compound since it became a BIG part of his life. I agree to that! Maybe we could ask them for a LOYALTY discount the next time where around the place....hehehe.

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