Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Day at the LRT

It's not a good idea to start my day with a rant but I can't help it.

You see, currently were staying in La Loma QC and I'm working in Makati. I have to ride a jeepney going to LRT Blumentritt then take the train and get off at Gil Puyat Ave Station. Then I have to walk with the rest of the passengers from LRT in order to ride a jeepney going to PRC Pasong Tamo. I have to make 3 rides in order for me to get to work. Same thing goes if I'm going home.

The trick in riding the LRT station is you have to be there early and avoid the rush hours. On my case I have to be there 6:30-6:45am for me to have no worries on getting on the train. But once the clock hit 7-9am, your patience will be tested. It's either the train has some technical problems or most of the time the train is ALWAYS full whenever it stops your station. Since the train that passes by are always full, a lot of passengers are piling up and you have to be aggressive in this case that even females will push you aside in order for them to get in the train.

Unlucky of me today because I woke up around 6am (I stayed up late together with Hubby to watch a DVD). I left the house at around 7:10am and reach the station at 7:30. Another bad thing in going through the Blumentritt station is the traffic that you have to endure because of their market place. It has the same scenario as Baclaran where vendors dominant the streets and aisles.

At the LRT station as expected, a lot of passengers are waiting. Just as I thought, most of the trains that comes to the station are overflowing. UGH! Annoying female passengers pushed their way to the front in order to get on the train but they couldn't squeeze their bodies anymore so they will be waiting in front for the next train. In short, your place was taken because you didn't budge. I HATE it when it happens. I'm so itching to tell them that if your not sure that you can get on the train then stop pushing your way up to the front. One lady in particular must have read my thoughts because she outright say to them that they should go back to their respective places when they are waiting since they were not able to get on the train. It's unfair for the other passengers that they are waiting infront only to be shoved by the others. Bless her for being aggressive. Unfortunately, no one budge as if they didn't hear anything. See? Most people are so insensitive.

I think there are 4 trains that passed by the station before I was able to get IN. Just like the rest, I have to push and shoved the others otherwise I will be left behind.
Geeze. Hopefully we can move by first week of May to our apartment. I cant' stand this scenario everyday. Good thing I'm not pregnant. Just think about the horror I have to go through in order to come to work if I have a baby bump.

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