Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic

After 3 days of reading the ebook, I finally finished it. I know that 3 days is pretty long considering it's only about 378 pages (if I'm not mistaken) but I'm squeezing it on my daily duties here at work.

It's really a good book. It has a lot of wit and humor that is addicting. Mind you, it's not boring at all eventhough there are some topics that focuses on Finances. I'm actually paralyzed and involved somehow. It's like being there and seeing them all alive. I felt the same way whenever I'm reading the Sweet Valley series (I'm born in the 80s, what can I say?).

The main character which is Rebecca Bloomwood loves shopping. Even if her bills are piling up, she can't resist the urge to shop for anything especially if it's on SALE. Good thing I'm not like her because I don't want to be in debts otherwise, my husband would kill me for that. He hates having debts that's why he owns no credit card.

Her initial resort is to ignore all the bills then decided to get away from it. It was becoming hard for her as each days passed, all her worries and anxiety are building up as well. Until a good turn of events changed all of it and she's happier than ever before. Curious on what exactly happen? I suggest you read a copy of it and you will enjoy it. I guarantee that!

Right now, I'm reading the Part 2 which is Shopaholic Abroad or is it Shopaholic takes Manhattan? Anyways, let me know if you want to have a copy of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. I have an ebook copy of them...hehehe.

Stay tuned for my next entry for Shopaholic Part 2!

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Aya Nina said...

I want the E-book!!! XD

I have the first book, but I never get to buy the other series like when Rebbecca got married, have babies, in Manhattan and more. Do u have the other series?

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