Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm busy texting Hubby and his aunt just a few minutes ago.

Hubby is suppose to go to his follow-up checkup with his Urologist today in the afternoon. Unfortunately, he cannot go since his busy fixing the AC in our apartment and earlier before the crack of dawn, he had a LBM.

I texted his other aunt (not living with us in QC) informing her that Hubby cannot go to the doctor today and he will re-schedule it for Wednesday. Her aunt is the one who schedule's Hubby's appointment to the doctor. I told her that Hubby is not feeling well and that he had a LBM earlier today. To my surprise, his other aunt texted me telling me that it's a weird coincidence that everytime me and Hubby stayed in the apartment, on his 2nd day something bad is happening to him. She added that her dreams about Randiej is true about a bad spirit in our apartment.

Let me give you a recap about his aunt's analogy: First time it happened was when Hubby left side hurt due to kidney stone it was our 2nd day stay in the aparment and supposedly on that weekend, we schedule to move in to the apartment. That was April 10. We were not able to do it since Hubby needs to undergo the ESWL treatment so we hold off our transfer.

Then the 2nd time, earlier today at around 5am (happens to be our 2nd day stay in the apartment) Hubby had a LBM because he drank buko juice at 2am. We were planning to move either on Wednesday or Thursday.

I texted her aunt that it's just a coincidence that Hubby had a LBM today. As much as possible I don't want to think that there's something supernatural that's happening in my Hubby by staying in the apartment. Her aunt justified that my husband drinks buko juice as well at about the same time when we are staying in her house but nothing bad is happening to him. She's convinced that our apartment is not good for Hubby. She wants us to look for another apartment. She even asked me if we know any bad history that happened on th apartment. All I know is the previous tenant is already working abroad who stayed in the apartment for 2 years.

I forwarded all the text messages of his aunt to my Hubby. His replied is not to mind the things she was saying. I can surely do that but the problem is her aunt will never let us move to that apartment because of her conspiracy. I'm sure of it.

I told Hubby that it will be best if his the one who will talk to his aunt rather than me. For me, whatever happened to Hubby while we were staying on the apartment is purely COINCIDENCE.

However, her aunt is not thinking the same thing as we are....

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