Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coffee Break Ver. 1.6

For this week's coffee break courtesy of Jan is all about the Price Hike on all of the products that is available in the Philippines.

Times like this, we need to adjust and budget our money wisely...so the appropriate question will be...

What is your budgeting secret?

For me I prioritize the MUST HAVES versus the NICE TO HAVES. All the basic commodities that we need everyday should be given the first needed attention before other things.

Then, it's important to save as well. So instead of taking a taxi cab for work...I would sacrifice waking up early to avoid traffic and rush hours. It's been my habit for 2 months now and it works! I seldom take a cab now unlike before.

Another thing that I'm considering is having my own packed lunch rather than going out and eating at restaurants and food chain stores. Our office has a pantry area and they provided us a microwave and a refrigerator. This will help in cutting down the expenses for the day. I haven't started doing this though butI'm planning to do it next month once we moved in to our place.

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